Product Assembly

Efficient and Precise Light Product Assembly Services in Indianapolis for Your Industrial and Commercial Needs

Light product Assembly in Indianapolis by Commercial Finishing

At Commercial Finishing we perform light product assembly in Indianapolis for customers after powder coating. We do this by assembling various parts or components of a product or equipment. Our team performs this process manually or with automated equipment and it varies depending on the specific product or equipment.

Product assembly after powder coating offers several benefits. We protect individual components during the powder coating process. Our skill and knowledge prevent damage to delicate parts. This guarantees a consistent and professional look by giving all components the same finish and color. Furthermore, we make the assembly process more efficient by eliminating the need to handle the components separately. Lastly, we reduce labor and material costs by completing assembly in one step instead of two.

After we powder coat, various types of metal parts such as automotive parts, household appliances, outdoor furniture, and metal fixtures are typical. These parts can include frames, brackets, panels, and other metal components.

Product assembly after powder coating ensures an efficient and cost-effective way to protect components and achieve a consistent finish.

We take your powder coating projects very seriously at Commercial Finishing. Every step ensures a satisfied client and Commercial Finishing knows that success depends on every facet of the process. If products are not handled properly money and resources are lost before you can even sell them.

If your company needs a partner in the manufacturing process that cares about your success then call Commercial Finishing today. We have the experience, skills, and know-how. With over 50 years of coating expertise, Commercial Finishing is your first and last call.