Powder Coating Services serving Indinapolis for over 50 years

We provide a plethora of powder coating services and commercial coatings simultaneously at Commercial Finishing. All things considered, from Powder Coating to Electrically Conductive Coating, we are the experts with the knowledge and experience that manufacturers trust most overall.

Powder Coatings

Powder coating is a method of applying a decorative and protective finish to metal surfaces. Accordingly, it offers several benefits over traditional liquid paint.

Sand Blasting

Sandblasting particularly is a process used to prepare metal surfaces for powder coating or other industrial coatings by removing old paint, rust, and debris. Until sandblasting is done correctly, the coating may not adhere properly at all.


Paint Masking

Undeniably we have a variety of tapes to fit your specialized project.  We can produce clean lines every time and mask the most intricate of parts, unlike some of our less experienced competitors.


Light Assembly

We assemble fabricated parts to relatively small or light subassemblies and complete units whereas our competitors typically lack the capability. Also, we can test, calibrate, and fit parts and mechanisms to meet tolerances and product specifications.

Iron Phosphate

Phosphating, also known as conversion coating, involves applying an iron or zinc phosphate coating to a substrate. This step in the pretreatment process can greatly enhance the performance of the final coating. Regardless of the project, many metal pieces require a pre-treatment for quality sake.


Zinc Rich Primers

Highly resistant to corrosive wear and tear with its high zinc content, not to mention it's overall durability.


Oven Capabilities

One of two of our Wisconsin Oven Corp ovens model # EWN-68-8G