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Powder Coatings

Powder coating is a dry finishing process that was introduced to North America during the 1960s. Powder Coating represents over 15% of the total industrial finishing market.


Liquid Coatings

The type of substrate that you’re looking to coat will play a huge role in deciding which liquid coating will work best.  Each has its own particular challenges that need to be addressed if the coating is to work.


Sand Blasting

Sandblasting removes old paint, rust and debris from metal objects in preparation for application of powder coating or other industrial coatings. 

Light Assembly

We assemble fabricated parts to relatively small or light subassemblies and complete units. We can test, calibrate, and fit parts and mechanisms to meet tolerances and product specifications.



We have a variety of tapes to fit your project.  We can produce clean lines every time and mask the most intricate of parts.


Catalyzed Epoxies

Catalyzed Epoxy is a two-part water based, catalyzed, epoxy resin coating created for high performance in commercial and industrial applications.



Polyurethane coatings are considered polymers. They can be very hard and strong, providing exceptional wear resistance. They can also be more soft and ductile, so that the base material is allowed to stretch without destroying the coating.


Baking Enamels

Vitreous, usually opaque, protective or decorative coating baked on metal, glass, or ceramic ware.


Zinc Rich Primers

Highly resistant to corrossive wear and tear with it’s high zinc content..


Military Spec. Coatings

Includes primers and chemical agent resistant coatings (CARC) to topcoats and munitions coatings for rigourous demands of military applications.


Aircraft Spec. Coatings

We can apply aircraft spec. coatings on numerous substrates including fiberglass, composites, and metallic surfaces for superior resistance to corrosion, chemicals, and rain erosion.


Iron Phosphate

Phosphating, or conversion coating, is the application of an iron or zinc phosphate coating to the substrate. Conversion coating can be a very critical part of the pretreatment process, adding significantly to the performance of the finished coating.


Electrically Conductive Coatings

Radio Frequency Interference (RFI)
Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

Oven Capabilities

“One of two of our Wisconsin Oven Corp ovens model # EWN-68-8G”


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